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Foods around the world



Bluegrass Baking Company is excited to be embarking on a year long exploration of the foods, specifically breads, of the various cultures of our world. In an effort to expand our repertoire, and palette, we will be researching (and sampling!) culinary traditions from the four corners of the globe.

We are starting with Ireland, in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, to be followed by Russia, to take advantage of their Easter goodies. Come try the Kulich and Paskha traditionally served for orthodox Easters, as well as the pirozhki and kelubiaka we will be preparing at various times during April.

We will follow Russia with Germany, France, U.S. and Italy. Our efforts will be geared towards representing the various foods of the culture as well as we can. If you have sggestions or requests, we would love to hear them!

As always, stop in for a taste and a chat. We appreciate your patronage!



It’s March, the month in which we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, we here at Bluegrass Baking Company are getting our Irish on! All month, we will be exploring the foods of the Emerald Isle.

In addition to our regular breads and pastries, we will be doing various other breads, sweets, and stews. Items being added to the menu this month include:

  • Soda Bread
  • Barm Brack
  • Yellowmeal Bread
  • Boxty
  • Guiness and Beef Pot Pie (made with a soda crust)
  • Gooseberry Crmble
  • Porter Cake
  • Irish Curd Cake (an Irish version of a cheese cake)
  • Chocolate Cake made with Guiness Stout

We will even be making a unique Irish “toffee” made at the Lammas Fair for over 350 years, called Yelloman. Dia duit!


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